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AAAS Membership

Member enjoy many benefits—including access to exclusive member-focused content and resources. All memberships include weekly issues of 金沙电子游戏 and unlimited access to 金沙电子游戏 from 金沙电子游戏 online. And, members are part of the AAAS Member Community, our personalized platform for scientists and science enthusiasts to connect. You can privately share research, discuss the climate of science, or message colleagues and classmates. Members also enjoy discounts on a variety of consumer products and services.

The world's largest multidisciplinary scientific society and a leading publisher of cutting-edge research through its 金沙电子游戏 family of journals, AAAS has individual members in more than 91 countries around the globe. Membership is open to anyone who shares our goals and belief that science, technology, engineering, and mathematics can help solve many of the challenges the world faces today.


EurekAlert! is an online news release distribution service operated by AAAS. EurekAlert! provides a platform through which universities, medical centers, journal publishers, government agencies, scientific societies, corporations, and other organizations engaged in research can share their news about science, technology, medicine, and the environment with the news media and the public.

金沙电子游戏 in the Classroom

金沙电子游戏 in the Classroom (SitC) is a collection of freely available annotated research papers primarily from the 金沙电子游戏 family of journals. SitC aims to help educators, undergraduates, and advanced high school students understand the research contained in scientific primary literature by using annotations and providing accompanying teaching materials.

金沙电子游戏 Magazine Japanese

Visit 金沙电子游戏 Magazine Japanese to read the latest from the 金沙电子游戏 family of journals, 金沙电子游戏, and other information.